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1080 / bath foam 250 yellow glass old pharmacy


Content: 250ml

Available in: All the Fragrances

Minimum pieces: 6



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Carbaline bath foam is produced according to a classic formula and it is characterized by an isodermic pH. The raw materials meet the most demanding requirements for derma-compatible features and naturalness, and are indicated for the preservation of the natural lipid state of the skin. The product, in addition to giving a pleasant sensation of softness and well-being, carries out a deep cleansing action without altering the ionic balance of the dermis. Finally, the high concentration of fragrance, enhanced by hot water, envelops the body and spreads throughout the surrounding environment. The shower gel is thought with similar ingredients to the bath foam, but it is more diluted because it is used in direct contact with the skin.

DIRECTIONS: Apply a small quantity of product on the wet sponge or directly on the skin, and massage over the entire surface to be cleaned. Rinse thoroughly.


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