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8502F / scented candle 170 smoked glass vase with top


Content: 170g

Available in: Magnolia & Tuberose, Linen, Talc & Musk, Caramelized vanilla, Oud, Amber, Myhrr, Camellia & Grapefruit, Lotus

Minimum pieces: 6



Indicazioni sulla raccolta


Made with certificated wax, with an european origin, the Carbaline scented candles make the room warmer and give spaces an atmosphere of tranquillity and wellbeing. The artisanal production of this item grants quality and uniqueness at each candle.

DIRECTIONS: Burn the wick to light the flame. Keep the flame away from children and pets. Take care not to expose the flame near flammable materials and drafts. Clean the wick from combustion residues at the next ignition.


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