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Company, Services and History

Carbaline srl is an Italian company that for 40 years and three generations, have produced top quality creations in the perfumery, cosmetics and gift items. With its artisanal style and a design made of attention to the smallest details, Carbaline articles fit into a European and extra-European market, spreading the value of Made in Italy in the world. Thanks to a team specialized in different sectors, the company is able to guarantee to its products elegance and functionality, studying a competitive and captivating product.

The company has always been committed to listening to the client's needs by proposing one of its product lines or by studying a new project together. With the variety of fragrances proposed by the company, it produces all the articles for the care of the body and the scent of the room, materialized in the laboratory with the care and technique necessary to offer a good product. In constant contact with suppliers of raw materials, boxes and bottles, Carbaline deals also with assembling the elements and packaging the products, accompanying the production process from the idea to its full realization.

The history of Carbaline began in 1975, with the purchase of a company in the Verona area that produced naphthalene for the wardrobes. The creativity, the technical skills and the desire to get involved, implemented the small production with a long series of products, starting from the "aromine" (small scented pads for the drawers), then passing from the bath foam and the bath salts, up to the home fragrances and scented candles. Over the years, fragrances and packaging have also seen important changes, but they have never moved away from the values of simplicity, made in Italy and the artisanal style of the company.


Carbaline aims to satisfy the retailer and the end customer by offering a high quality Italian product that perfumes environments and people, giving them a moment of well-being and olfactory pleasure. Made with the best raw materials and an Italian style, Carbaline products aim to express the concept of craftsmanship and "hand made", proposing always new fragrances that recall to mind the scents of our nation. With a constant look at the past, the company sets a foot towards the future in order to obtain a product that recalls tradition, and at the same time shows a contemporary and innovative character.

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